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Welcome and thank you for visiting - This is the official chat room for all things related to online chat rooms. While you're visiting our website our goal is to provide the stable and secure way to chat online with new friends and existing friends. We make it easy to chat by providing the features and the topics that you're looking for. Looking for a chat thats related to adult 18+ content? Visit our #AdultChat room, looking for a clean chat with like minded individuals near you? Try out our #Chat room. Wherever your interest may be, we have the right chat room for you.

Why Abigchat?

What makes our chat room different from other chat rooms is that you're joining a space with real chatters. You aren't joining some chat room filled with bots that are timed to trick you into thinking you're into a busy chat site. You're joining a big chat room with a vibrant staff that has full integrity, character, and fairness.

Chat on the go with Mobile Chat

A lot of times we're stuck in situations where we're absolutely dying of boredom. Stuck in the doctors office? Eating lunch alone? Maybe you're in your college class and you learned the chapter 2 weeks ago and you have nothing to do with your free time.. Now you have your hangout spot. With our newest chat technology you can stay connected to your friends on any of your iPhone or Android mobile devices. Tables are welcome too!

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Whenever you start a conversation with a new friend, or even someone you've been building your friendship with, you can always count on the conversation being in real time. All of our chat rooms are using the latest technology to assure that your video chat, audio chat, and traditional text chat are all with the fastest speeds. (fastest that you're internet provider is giving you)

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