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Established in 2003, A Big Chat has been the official chat site for adult chat and teen chat rooms. All of our chat rooms are completely free and have plenty of strangers for you to chat with. People all over the world choose every day because they connect with friends old and new in a safe and moderated environment. Start a chat today with a new friend and become life long pals.

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Talk to peers and strangers in real time with real people. You'll always be find someone to talk to on our chat network because all of our chat rooms are live. Once you send someone a message, you can expect a reply within seconds. Real people chatting in real time.

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Nothing is better then being able to upload your selfie, or go live on webcam to share your experience, your excitement, your sadness, your emotions, and everything in between. We utilize WebRTC to give you real time audio and video chat capabilities! Talk about a game changer!

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By joining our free chat community you're joining a fun and friendly atmosphere of people from different parts of the world. People from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia use our chat room every single day. We provide the chat features people like you are looking for. You can chat anonymously because registration isn't required. You can chat using traditional text chat, you can use modern chat room icons like audio chat, and even live stream using our video chat. No matter what you're looking for we can provide that entertainment for you. You can even check out our Trivia Chat and test your knowledge against our AI generated Trivia. With awesome features like these and the fundamental option to register or not, what more can you ask for?