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Sniffing Out the Real from the Fake in Chat Rooms

Chat rooms have a peculiar reputation for attracting those with alterior motives. These usually range from one polarized extreme of the spectrum to another, including minors posing as adults and vice versa. Technically, adult chat rooms attempt to prevent minors from participating. However, such chat rooms are only as secure the extent of the precautions in place to prevent minors from intruding on the free chat and adult content viewable online. On the opposite end of the online security spectrum, some adults pose as teenagers with fake online personas and avatars to engage youth in a dialogue and possibly more intense activity beyond that.

Online security is a concern on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to chat rooms. Listed below are three ways to identify real personas as opposed to fake ones in free chat and adult chat settings and online communities.

1. Be Careful of Engaging People with Blocked Profiles
Anyone can create a profile within the scope and parameters of a given site. You want to be cautious of anyone who has a blocked profile. If you do not share any friends in common or you cannot tell anything about the person beyond their profile name and photo, do not trust it. Do not engage such a person beyond group chats and leave it at that.

2. Keep a Watch on Those Following and Pursuing You in Chat Rooms
Free chat attracts all kinds of people. Adult chat is meant for adults only. Be sure to watch those who consistently pop into certain chats once you enter the discussion. No one wants to be accused of leading a stalker on or engaging a minor in the midst of an adult chat. Watch out for the persistent type.

3. See if the Other Person Only Engages Certain Types of People
If the other person only chats with teenage girls who are boy band fans, at least ask if the person has been to the latest fan site or who “her” favorite band member might be. Certain types of people may attract the fakes. Be sure to sniff them out by how they interact and push the envelope from teenage topics to adult chat. That is a clear sign that you might be dealing with a fake.

Your time spent in chat rooms will reveal some real characters. Unfortunately, it will also reveal the fakes, too.