Chat Commands

Basic IRC Commands

  • /join #channel - Join a specific IRC channel.
  • /part #channel - Leave a specific IRC channel.
  • /list - List all available channels on the server.
  • /msg username message - Send a private message to a specific user.
  • /nick newnickname - Change your IRC nickname.
  • /quit [reason] - Disconnect from the IRC server with an optional reason.
  • /topic #channel newtopic - Change the topic of a specific channel.
  • /kick #channel username [reason] - Kick a user from a specific channel.
  • /ban #channel username - Ban a user from a specific channel.
  • /unban #channel username - Remove a ban on a user in a specific channel.
  • /whois username - Retrieve information about a specific user.
  • /ignore username - Ignore messages from a specific user.

Advanced IRC Commands

  • /invite username #channel - Invite a user to a specific channel.
  • /mode #channel +/-mode parameters - Set or unset channel modes.
  • /away [message] - Set an away message or toggle away status.
  • /who #channel - List users in a specific channel.
  • /ignorelist - List users on your ignore list.
  • /whisper (notice) username message - Send a notice to a specific user.

Unlocking Seamless Communication with InspIRCd

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3. Performance:

Experience lightning-fast performance with low-latency communication, ensuring a responsive platform for dynamic conversations.

4. Extensive Module Support:

Enhance your IRC server with a rich selection of modules. InspIRCd supports an extensive range of modules, allowing you to add functionalities effortlessly.

5. Security:

Priority on community safety. InspIRCd boasts robust security features, including SSL/TLS support and advanced user permission controls for a secure environment.

6. Reliability:

Trust in the reliability of InspIRCd. Benefit from a stable and well-maintained IRC server solution, supported by a thriving community and regular updates.

7. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Seamlessly integrate InspIRCd into your infrastructure. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures deployment flexibility across various operating systems.

8. Ease of Administration:

Streamline administrative tasks with an intuitive and user-friendly management interface. InspIRCd simplifies server administration for both experienced and new users.

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