Why would I want to join A Big Chat's Commnity?

1. Chill Atmosphere: Abigchat is known for its relaxed and laid-back environment, making it a perfect space for those who enjoy casual and stress-free interactions. Mental health has been a huge public topic as of late. Due to everyones individualized needs with mental health and the fact that stress for different people is on different levels, we find it a lot more appealing to have a relaxed chill environment rather than a platform of hate and misinformation that would lead to our users being stressed out.

2. Humor: The community values humor, creating an atmosphere where members can share jokes, memes, and funny anecdotes, fostering a positive and entertaining experience. Memes of all types are welcome, we even have a meme group on Facebook. Our AI bots post from our collection of images every 2-3 minutes sharing all sorts of content for our community.

3. Straight to the Point: Unlike most chat rooms that prefer the drama and the arguments that are bound to happen due to strong opinions, we rather everyone get straight to the point. If you have a topic that you feel needs to be addressed, our suggestion is to shoot straight and get your point known. Healthy conversations happen when people are direct, and not with subliminal messages.

4. Love for Technology: If you have a passion for technology, Abigchat provides a platform to discuss the latest gadgets, software, trends, and innovations with like-minded individuals. We're always happy to be able to provide a platform where computer engineers, software developers, web developers, and everything in-between can have dicussions to help solve problems and to share thoughts and trends with the group. What we don't allow is for people to post code and other information that may be copywritten or leaked. Please remember to always be ethical.

5. Social Interaction: Abigchat is a social hub where members can engage in conversations, build connections, and share experiences. It's a place to meet new people who share common interests. We aren't an adult-porn website, we're a general chat community that welcome members and communities to join our network and trust that their messages will always be encrypted, the stability of the platform will always be priority, and the moderation is human. AI moderation works to a certain point but with our human moderators, it tends to keep the perspective where it needs to be.

6. Community Support: Members in Abigchat are supportive of each other. Whether you need advice on tech-related issues or just want a friendly chat, the community is there to help and provide companionship. Back to the mental health disucssion you read earlier. Our staff will try to help to the best of their abilities granted none of them are trained medical professionals, and we'll always lend an unbias, non-judgemental ear for you 24/7. If you have an issue that you need a friend to talk to about, our community is here for you. If you or your friends are having a medical episode and need emergency care, please dial 9-1-1 or contact your local authorities to provide you with life-saving efforts.

7. Diverse Perspectives: The community attracts people from various backgrounds and experiences, creating a diverse and enriching environment where different viewpoints are valued and respected. People from different countries have been joining the ABIGChat free chat network for years. We have members from the USA, Canda, Australia, Albania, United Kingdom, India, and more.

8. Collaborative Projects: Abigchat may offer opportunities for collaboration on tech-related projects. Members can join forces to work on exciting initiatives, share knowledge, and learn from each other. This is also why we welcome developers to our community. Join us for community related projects where we can all update and upgrade the abigchat network together. We want you to be part of our chat network, yes as a member, but also to leave your signature within the chat itself.

9. Regular Events: The community organizes regular events, such as tech-themed discussions, gaming nights, or other activities, providing members with enjoyable and engaging experiences. Looking to host your own night of Trivia, jeopardy, or any other game related function? We're completely down for it. By utilizing audio and video chat settings, we can all join a round of Call of Duty, or Rainbow6Seige and chat while we play. Discord who?

10. Active Engagement: Abigchat is not just a place to lurk; it encourages active participation. Members can initiate discussions, share their thoughts, and actively contribute to the community's vibrant atmosphere. If you have any topic in mind that you want to share with the chat room, please feel free to start the dicussion whenever you'd like. Features like our channel history make it easy for new members to catch up on the topic so they're not completely lost joining in. We encourage all of our members to start a dicussion on any topic in mind.