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These will help you register your nickname, register a room, control and automate your room, send memos to other registered chatters that are offline.

Ok, you’ve found the perfect nickname and want to keep it?

/msg NickServ REGISTER password
This command lets you register your nickname on ABigChat. Note that you don’t have to enter your nickname. It will automatically detect it for you. Make sure you pick a password that you will remember. (example: /msg nickserv register 123456).

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password
This is how you tell NickServ that you are the owner of the nickname you are using. You will need to use this every time you join Chat Family if you have registered your nickname. (example: /msg nickserv identify 123456).

/msg NickServ HELP
This command is for those of you who want to learn about all the other features of NickServ.

So now you want your very own channel on ABigChat?

/msg ChanServ REGISTER #channel password description
This lets you register a channel with ABigChat. The #channel is the name of your room (you must be the first person in the room and have the @ in front of your name). Password is the password that lets ChanServ know who is the owner of the channel so don’t lose it. Description is just a short description of your channel. (example: /msg chanserv register #pokemon 123456 My room for talking about pokemon)

/msg ChanServ IDENTIFY #channel password
This is how you tell ChanServ that you are the owner of your channel. Channel is the name of your channel and password is the password that you selected when you registered the channel. You will need to use this every time you join your room or your room will no longer be registered after 30 days. (example: /msg chanserv identify #pokemon 123456).

/msg ChanServ HELP
This will give you more detailed information about various options you can set on your channel.

So you just missed someone and want to leave them a note?

/msg MemoServ SEND nickname message
This is how you can leave messages for other people on ABigChat. However, you can only send memos to people that have registered their nickname with NickServ. (example: /msg memoserv send JoECOoL man I just missed you, what how ya been?)

/msg MemoServ LIST
This lists all the memos that you have.

/msg MemoServ READ number
This lets you read a specific memo. The numbers of the memo’s can be viewed using the LIST command. (example: /msg memoserv read 1)

/msg MemoServ DEL number | all
You can delete memo’s when you are finished with them. Either specify a number to delete, or use the word all to delete all of your messages.