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These commands are room related commands. They show you how to give OPs to a person in your room, how to take away someone’s voice in your channel, how to ban people from your channel, how to make your room private.

Channel operators (also known as ops) control the channel they are on. They will have an “@” in front or their nick. They are effectively the “bosses” of the channel. There are two ways to become a channel operator. First is by creating a channel. Your created the channel by joining a channel that does not currently exist. When you do this, the server sets you as the channel op. The second way is to be made a operator by an existing operator.

Channel operators maintain control of the channel through the use of channel mode commands. These are commands that only channel operarors have access to, and can be used to perform various functions on the channel.

Please note:
-only channel operators have access to the following functions
-typing a minus sign “-” in place of the plus sign “+” reversed the command i.e. +o ops, and -o deops
-the use of “[#]” indicates that the channel name should be substituted…i.e. #newbies in these examples

/ mode [#] +o [nick] – grant ops to a nick. (example: /mode #newbies +o voyur)

/ mode [#] +b [address] – ban a nick by their address from the channel. The proper address format is *!*username@*.host.domain. (ex:ample: /mode #newbies +b *!*jp@*irc.com )

/ mode [#] +m – set the channel mode t moderate. This means that oly ops can type to the channel. All other are silenced on the channel. (example: /mode #newbies +m)

/ mode [#] +v [nick] – used in conjunction with the +m mode. After setting to moderate, a user can be given permission to speak by setting the mode to +v. (example: /mode #newbies +v voyur)

/ mode [#] +s – makes the channel secret. It will not be shown in a channel listing. It can still be joined if the channel name is known. (example: /mode #newbies +s)

/ mode [#] +p – makes the channel private. The channel cannot be joined unless an invite is issued. The users on the channel can be listed with a /who or a /names command. (example: /mode #newbies +p)

/ mode [#] +i – makes the channel invite only. You must be invited by another nick on the channel to join. (example: /mode #newbies +i)

/ mode [#] +t – restricts channel topic changes to operators only. (example: /mode #newbies +t)

/ mode [#] +n – prevents messages from outside the channel from being sent to the channel. This does not affect personal messages to individual users. (example: /mode #newbies +n)

/ mode [#] +l [number] – limits the number of users that may occupy the channel. In this example, the limit is 6 users. (example: /mode #newbies +l 6)

/ mode [#] +k [keyword] – sets a password for the channel. Cannot join without typing /join #channelname [keyword]. (example: /mode #newbies +k shazam)